Montblanc is a mountain village bounded by the protected areas of the Sierra de Miramar and Prades Mountains. The great natural setting that surrounds it could be found through itineraries on foot or mountain bike several levels of difficulty. We propose four:

  • Montblanc - Ermita de Sant Josep - Cascada de la Vall
  • Montblanc - Ermita de Sant Joan
  • Montblanc - Ermita de Sant Joan - Barranc de la Pasquala - Roquer del Penitent
  • Montblanc - Tossal Gros


One of the attractions of our city is the Penitente Roquer concerning tourism climbing. Located three kilometers from Montblanc, it has more than 100 climbing routes with numerous rocks and to practice climbing block. The area corresponds to Penitente Canyon itinerary Pasquala, passing the hermitage of San Juan. It is accessible by car and has enabled a parking area. In our store we have the guide "Tarragona Climbs", which include reviews of most sectors and climbing routes in the region of the Conca de Barbera and the province of Tarragona.


You want to experience something different in nature? Montblanc, Conca de Barbera l'riding offers horseback riding and carriage paraded with family.


You like to enjoy a wine tasting in a tower the walls of Montblanc? The Stone Wine cellar of the IO Conca de Barbera, offers you the chance to relive medieval times enjoying their wine in this unique architectural space as the town. During the visit, you can try the four varieties of wines from the cellar: The Orni (white wine chardonnay), The Muse (iconic winery aging), the Hearty (drilling wine) and the Black of Folles (red wine from native grape varieties ). The tasting takes place at the first floor of the tower, located on Wall Street Alfons III, No. 18.


Montblanc is one of the most beautiful medieval sets of Catalonia. It is characterized by its rich architectural, historical and cultural heritage. Since 2000, the Tourist Office offers the service of tour guides. Hand in hand with them you can learn the history and legends of the villa. We invite you to step into our people through experiences and unforgettable sensations.

  • Historical-cultural visit.
  • Visit the wall of Montblanc and tour passing round.
  • Visit gastronomic tasting.
  • Visit the cave paintings of Mas d'en Llort i Mas de Ramon de Bessó.