Tourist Apartments El Jaç are located in the historical walled centre of Montblanc, a town situated in the centre of Catalonia, just thirty minutes from Costa Dorada, inside La Ruta del Cister (The Cistercian Route) and Prades Mountains, a Natural Point of Interest.
It is a building from 1890 whose original structure has been maintained conserving the ceiling wooden beams and where every apartment has been converted according to the actual needs of comfort. As a result, el Jaç becomes a combination between old and fashion.
In the same building there is Cal Xixonenc, an Ice-Cream Parlour where we also sell our own turron, and where you will see medieval arcades from 1480. It is a modern and glamorous business that combines wood, steel and stone.

Apartament Matarrucs
Apartament Barrambau
Apartament La Vall
Apartament titllar